Photoshop Expert – Remove Background

Hello everyone,

Firstly I am looking for a Photoshop expert who has attention to detail and high standards of quality.

I have 11 high resolution product photographs.
These products are already on a white background but I want the white background removed.

The products themselves have a shadow beneath them which I would like kept and NOT be erased with the rest of the background.

Files to be delivered in .PSD format with transparency.
No colour alterations to occur on the files just a pure background removal.

I do not want automated ways of removing the background as there are always artefacts left over or pixelation. I need professional work here only please.

Thanks for your time, please when quoting a time-scale ensure you can deliver in your quoted time-scale.

Attached is a downsized sample of an image, the remaining images are similar and will be sent to the winning bidder.

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