Custome Sharepoint Sites

I am looking to develop a sharePoint wesite that consists of the following.

Has a form that is very important. It is on SharePoint Workspace but we want to export it to Sharepoint Server 2010.

The form Goes through 3 depts, entry, sales/operations for quote, and satus here and changes rapidly whole quote is negotiated and a delivery date/booking request, once approved dispatch to confirm eta/etd, then goes to booking, then finally it is printed copy.

we would like to have tracking of cargo of everyday, every hour.

Curently we have to call drivers to find out, then operations calls/emails customer to let them know. Call trucker 9am, and 3pm, … Then if red alert, it is every hour… , possibly orange if delayed.
we would like to track a history of each time and location.

1: Importing and stablize current sharepoint workspace, to sharepoint web app – ”

2: Tracking app that will tie in with existing data – “develop additional functionality…”

3: Incorporate fed-ex/ups style tracking system where customer can track his order online.

Thank You

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