Pay Per Call Users Needed

I need users for an 800 Pay per Call campaign.

USA & CANADA USERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will Pay $3.50 Per completed user Please see instructions below:

Please Call -1-877-257-3301 and “press 1” for sales.

Please ask the following questions:

Tell them you are calling today regarding the cheap hosting you saw online for $2.95 a Month. Please ask them if this includes premium features such as offers, free advertising, and word press.

Second, Ask about VPS ( Virtual servers) Tell the sales rep you currently have 5-10 domains hosting on and would like to get all the domains hosted on one account for one monthly bill…….. The sales rep should tell you this can be done with their “unlimited plan” ask same questions as before does it include any free advertising and word press etc…

Finally, Ask about the reseller program. How does it work? How much is it monthly? And how does it work reselling the hosting.. is their a limit to the number of domains allowed and how much is it per month per domain.

After tell them thank you for your help and offer to call the sales person back directly when you make your mind up. Hang Up.
The Call Must Be over 2 Mins or it will NOT BE PAID.
You Must Also provide Time and Date of Call, City and State along with if the call was made via a Mobile or Landline.

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