Video Intro

I need someone to create a video intro similar to
Background music compatible with pictures and text. No voice- over.
Video maximum 2 minutes.
10-15 Pictures
Do not just claim you can do it, you must send me samples of your work.
The text bellow could be changed a bit.

This is the storyboard

1. No presents- black and white, with our logo, skip intro feature
2. We have a question for you? White and black writing
3. What do you want to do with your life?
4. just survive – pictures of people who are working hard to get money, labour jobs, people are tired, worn-out and unhappy, eye-catching and meaningful pictures
5. Or
6. Prosper … Picture of someone successful and wealthy, happy people, top jobs, high flyers
7. make a choice for a better life
8. by improving
9. your language skills
10. you can learn by old way – pictures of people studying hard from books, memorizing, cramming, boring music
11. or faster – fast slide
12. comfortably- Picture of home comfort with a comfortable armchair
13. anywhere you wish- person at the bus stop with laptop
14. Only by watching
15. Your future is in your hands
16. No Limic

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