Magento Problems 2

Need help to error search and fix a problem with magento bundled products.
Here is the goal:
I have a store that sells sheet music.
Every piece of music is available as a physical product as well as for download.
Every product occurs three times in the database: as bundled, simple (shipped) and downloadable. Only the bundled products should be searchable in the front end. Simple and downloadable are not visible individually.
When searching for “Product A” customer finds the bundled product called “Product A”. When clicking on that he gets the choice between the two bundled items: download, shipped or both.

But, I seem to be having random database problems.

1. When searching for bundle items under the main product “Add selection” sometimes the product I am searching for is simply not showing up in the search list. Sometimes it is.

2. Sometimes, after adding a bundle item it shows in the back end but not in the front end.

3. Sometimes it is impossible to make the bundled product itself visible in the front end.

I have tried moving the entire installation to a second server with no change.

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