Need 5 Image Icons Designed And Created For Ecommerce Store

Hello Fellow Scriptlancers,
I need 5 Image Icons Designed and created for my eCommerce store. I will then make the icons clickable images on my storefront, and they will click through to corresponding pages on the site. These are going to be, a free shipping icon, a no sales tax icon, a safe and secure shopping icon, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a lowest price guarantee icon (all leading to descriptions of those services on corresponding pages respectively). I have provided some sample icon images (that are attached to this job listing) of these respective categories. These icons are simply taken off the internet, I don’t own them, and therefore, they might be copyrighted. So in lieu of this fact, you MUST keep in mind that these sample images are only to be used to give you a loose idea of the type of design I am looking for, and nothing more. When you create the icons, you must create them from scratch, they must be 100% authentic, and your own work. You cannot copy, edit, rehash, or recreate the sample icons to even the smallest degree! I hope this is very clear, if I see similarities between your work and any one of these images, you will have to redo the work. Aside from 100% authentic work, I am looking for smooth, glossy, professional designs with very deep colors. Also, the color schemes of these icons have to complement the color scheme of the rest of the website. I will provide the website url by PMB.

And remember, I am only providing these sample images to make it easier on you to grasp the kind of work I need, that is all.

I will not award to outrageous bidders. You must have a good reputation, and sample works is a must!

Thank You,

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