Add Recaptcha Code To Existing Subscription Form

I need to have my reCAPTCHA code added to an existing subscription form so it works. An exact example of the existing html page and code can be viewed here, (view the source of the page):

You should be able to test the new form completely yourself to assure it works.

For those who do not understand what I need, (who would then not be qualified for this job), you may review the following link:

Note: To a qualified programmer, I would be open to using a captcha
that is more readable, such as from this link:

Please be honest with yourself, if you do not have experience in adding reCAPTCHA code to an existing form, then you should NOT submit a bid. To be clear, the current form works and functions properly, you should test it by using your own email address to see how it
works, (to include checking your email for an automated response), prior to altering any code whatsoever on the page. The form must function as it currently does now, but with the reCAPTCHA code added to the form to protect it from spam. You should test it in Internet explorer and in Firefox prior to sending it to me for final approval.

You can obtain the current code, as any qualified tech should know, by going to view and then source from your browser window, simply copy and paste the entire code. WARNING: If you do not know what you are doing it will come up, I will not pay anyone who is unable to complete the job to my satisfaction.

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