Graphic 2d Chatroom

I am basically looking for this style of web application
or if you look on the front page ( you can see a more 2d version with a bunch of apes walking around

a 2d chatroom system where

multiple users can:
create a character (max of 3 per user)
connect to a chatroom
chat with other people in the chatroom
walk around in a limited area 2d area
customize their basic appearance with items like a dress up game or any character customization shop
drop items, pick up items dropped by others
unlock new items or purchase items in a shop
trade items after certain conditions are met
add a +1 rep to any user(s) they choose. with certain conditions
hotkeys 1-9 will trigger actions above or around character such as emoticons appearing in a bubble (: , 🙁 , :'( etc

Admin can:
create chatrooms and designate them to a certain url such as
edit background
add items into a database and give them conditions (aka free, shop, price)
add sprites/image files
edit users
kick users

I do NOT need any sort of mmo style fighting functions…

character appearance:
characters will be an image file facing either left or right. there will be more layers stacked on top of that image file depending on the user’s personalized/database stored customization

layers of character:
1. body
2. facial appearance
3. hair
4. hat or head item slot
5. body item slot
6. shoes item slot
7. hand item slot
8. cape or back item slot
9. side item slot ( like pet)

immediately beneath each character there should be a small bar that shows the nickname and 2 small buttons and a number counter.

Anyways. i do not need a graphically polished piece of software. But I would like a simple and smooth program that will work on a basic level. Feel free to build it with any tools you think are necessary. I want it to be available on an internet browser.

If you want more information about how I want the appearance please look at this photo

Im open to ideas and questions you may have. I would prefer html5 style gaming.

the ape project link I posted ( ) is an open source engine along with the examples I showed. So if you built it with that, even better.

there are a few more features I would like to have added eventually.

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