Adult Classifieds

Only great programmers/designers need apply. I will not waste my time with providers who cannot do the work described. Please only the best and it helps if you done this type of job before.

Budget project amount to $1500.00 or $2000.00 and that to have the first main site programmed and designed and have it cloned to 12 other domains each domain will have different colors with the same content with some minor changes. All this working from the same back-end if possible with the ability to charge money for posting ads. The ads will post across all domains automatically. I will PM or provide full description to all candidates (it’s too long to post)., PHP, SEO, ASP.NET+ADO, Photoshop, SQL and whatever it takes to make it happen.

escort / adult classifieds / directory …………

Again I will PM/email or provide full description to all candidates (it’s too long to post).

For example: Let’s just say if the created 1) main design with all the programing done and tested it will be cloned to 2), 3) and so on. Some minor changes like the site name on each home page and within the content. I will explain in further detail.

Similar sites:, ,, ,

Please review the similar sites. If you cannot get better then the listed similar design and programming please don’t apply.

Please reply and help me create something great.

This project will lead to a long partnership with more features added to this project once it goes live.

If you can program and design something better and greater then then you’re the one for the job.

Our competition is:

I will award you the project if you can do it as I prefer and better than my competition. I will look over some more features and send you a full description of this project, but in the meantime go over the listed sites and you can see exactly what i want.

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