Sphinx Search Integration For Forum (600 000 + Posts)

Looking to possibly replace the native search provided by the forum scripts in use on a website with Sphinx search.


– Sphinx Search 2.0.1-beta
Create sphinx.conf configuration file, API, MySQL data source driver, alteration of existing search script and template files, anything else, documentation to allow me to install it successfully (as you will not have access to server).

– Search form option for
Post body and subject
Subject only
(as per http://forums.xmbforum.com/search.php)

– Search form option “mode” of
Match any word
Match all words
Match exactly
(as per http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/misc.php?action=search)

– Search results
$TPP results per page (as set by $TPP)

Delta index updates or what do YOU recommended for indexing (remember this is an active forum with 600 000 + posts)???

Should be simple enough for someone with Sphinx experience.

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