Website With Script To Embed Customizable Popup Iframe

I want a website (probably based on Drupal) that will allow many other website owners to set up an account, register their website, choose an account type and pay for it, then create many small pieces of content and choose whether it will be displayed on just their site or on the entire network.

They will then be given a script to embed into their own site that will verify the domain and also embed an iFrame that randomly displays a set of content (with two buttons, probably Yes/No), one at a time in a small, close-able, timed pop-up to be viewed by that site’s visitors. The content displayed will be either created only by them, or also pulled from the network of all my users, depending on their account type. The more exclusive the account, the less content pulled from the entire network.

When a visitor to the external site clicks one of the buttons, the popup disappears and a point is awarded to them. I would like to capture the data of who clicked which buttons on what content, via the third party’s IP, and display that data to the website owners via their own dashboard, where they can also customize the pop-up that will be shown on their site with colors, themes, etc.

I am considering four options as far as what to do with the points awarded to the third party visitors.

Option 1. My users (the website owners) could be able to create their own e-store where they can sell downloadable content to their visitors.
Option 2. I can have an e-store where my users can add items to it.
Option 3. We can build a simple API that lets my users pull in the data for each visitor and they will be able to do what they want with it.
Option 4. A combination of two of those. The API is probably best, but for those website owners who can’t do that kind of integration, I want to give them a good alternative.

I have worked with Drupal for two years, and can do some of the work. But I want someone who has experience with Javascript, and with iFrames, embeddable scripts, and building APIs. I’ll want to check out your portfolio if possible.

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