Android Custom Launcher

I need an experienced Android developer to work on a custom launcher for me. It will be business oriented. It will work like most other launchers; the only thing that will be different is its layout, which will be its main selling point.

Please, serious bids only.


1) You will be paid in full if, and only if, the project meets my full expectations.
2) Payment will be transferred AFTER the entire project is complete.
3) The project will be complete after I am totally satisfied with the work you have performed. If the project reaches an impasse and you discover that your skills are not adequate, the project will fail and the payment will be void.
4) Your constant communication is very important. I will expect open communication with you at all times.
5) You are bound by this online agreement with Scriptlance that every and all creations designated and designed for this project are for the sole use of my own purposes. To release the creation (application) or information about this creation (finished or unfinished) or its premises to any other parties other than myself is a breach of this agreement, your payment will be void and legal action may be taken.

This all sounds pretty harsh, but I have had poor experiences in the past. I assure you I am pretty nice and easy to work with. Please consider these points, and thanks for your bid!

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