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Little about us:

1) We are a Canadian company.
2) Mostly internet based.
3) We sell electronic cigarettes also called e cigarettes, e cigs.
4) E cigarettes are a smoking alternative.
6) Our website

I need to design:

6 page, trifold brochure (8.5×11)…Lots of images and all the text must be written professionally by you we can offer some help with this. it all must have the same look and feel as: our website and also the pictures that are attached.


vinyl banner(6ft by 2.5ft)

flyers (8.5×5.5)

Images and all the logo’s will be supplied. We just need someone to pull all of this together, to create a very powerful brochure.
all this needs to be created with a consistent look and feel for the company theme.

Marketing restrictions : If you need to know more details about this let me know.

* No clam to that e cigarettes can help someone to quit smoking.
* No clam that e cigarettes are a smoking cessation. “smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing the practice of inhaling a smoked substance.”
* No clam that e cigarettes are healthier than a regular cigarette. (because they are not tested yet)
* Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
* Children and teenagers under the age of 19 can’t buy e cigarettes.
* No nicotine in our products

Dustyn & Mario Sales Team

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