Need A Programmer To Help With Mail Notification

I have a christian social networking website – but for some time the mail notifications stopped going out. I need someone who is good in Linux and also who is a programmer – php, mysql and OR perl.
Users receive notification like on facebook where when a friend or anyone add you as a friend you get a notification to your external email and also on the site you should get a notification. If you get new messages, friends accept your request, you’re new to the site you get a welcome message, you get password reminder email and so on. Not sure why this stop working, but I am looking for a programmer who can work with me long term.

We develop the site in-house, hence we’re using our own framework.

I will also need you to add some features to the website, but that is not in this bidding, we can discuss that later once this aspect is working and that is why i say long-term.

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