Debate Website

hi there..

We need a debate website, where we will post articles in different categories, like Sport, Politics, Fashion, Music etc..

We want a very easy comment system, and a nice one, People will have to sign up to comment and join the debate, We will need social network intregation but not that they can log in thru facebook or wordpress no.

We will have our members, our own comment system, with Likes etc..

We will have Following & Followers for each member, i will go thru on how everything will look and be.

*Threading: Reply directly to a specific comment with nested replies.
*Email Notifications: Receive alerts for replies and new comments.
*Reputation Scores: Get a quick overview of a commenter’s history.
*Comment Voting: Multiple Admins illustration Bring the best comments to the front.(like youtube)
*Comment History: Keep track of all of your comments.(members profile)
*Followers, Following

*Moderation: Auto-filter comments by keyword, email and IP addresses.
*Blacklisting: Auto-delete comments by keyword, email and IP addresses, or ban users from posting.
*Spam Filters: Akismet keeps the spam at bay.

also in the admin section there should be a advertising sport, where we can choose to put up banners etc..

The design most be simple and good looking for the eye, and nice friendly.

We will run this website on 2-3 Languages so this most be done aswell.

If you can do this professionally and in a good timeframe, then please GO for it.

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