Musicforawedding Mobile Site

This is a two part job.

I already have a site that queries a database of wedding music pieces, along with links to itunes, sheet music and descriptions of the composer and music

The site

It is

It was recently hacked and now doesn’t work correctly, even though the database wasn’t touched as far as I can tell.

The site already has a backend admin area where I can upload new pieces along with their links.


1)Fix the musicforawedding site so that it works.

2) I’d like to create a subsection of this site that is formatted for view on mobile phones.

A fomat that is simple with no images.
With large text that is easily navigable on a phone.

I’d like to retain the menu structure that is already present in the musicforawedding site and have it connect to the already existing database.

You would have to create at least a couple of new fields to make the store work though.

The store sllows the user to click a link to buy each song with paypal shopping cart processing.

And another link that connects directly to a short 30 second mp3 sample of the song.

Its important that it not be flash, because i want this to work on iphones.

Iphone would be the target market for this site.

Nothing fancy…just something that will integrate with my iphone app “My wedding music” on itunes. I plan to link directly to this site within the app.

This will allow users that are not itunes customers to order the music as well.

I need someone that speaks good english and is willin to chat with me on the phone or on skype about this job and during the process of making the site.

I will give the login info for the musicforawedding site after we’ve communicated via skype, odesk, or telephone.

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