Website Development For Groupon-like Project

I want an online platform developed which can host up to 20 groupon-style deals a month (for the duration of a few days).

I need:
1. a very simple (undesigned) back-end which allows (A) admin to view all details, and edit the text fields in the front-end (B) customers to register themselves and (C) businesses to upload and post a deal. I will design the wireframe for you to work from in Mockingbird.
2. advice on how to interface the project with Paypal and credit card payment methods, and following this, the development of this functionality, also advice on refunds or cancellations
3. a very simple, static front-end coded, I will provide the design file as AI -5 pages

Please check out crowdfunding websites by signing up and going through the steps of posting a project. You can investigate Kickstarter, Rockethub and Sponsume. Also check out the back-end of and Groupon as this is the most similar platform to the one I am creating.

In short:
-A Title
-A link to View Profile
-A link to FAQ
-A main image section (NOT video)
-Social Network buttons
-Dynamic Infographic showing:
– how many people have signed up to the project
– what the goal is
– what the deadline is
-A section for the description of the project (that can handle images embedded)
-On the right, the deals available and a description for each
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