Search Module For Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 Sobi2

This is what we need:

1 – an installable module with all features of sobi2search ( plus it must search using “All words” criteria in entire Sobi2 items, not only into the single field as the original module and default sobi2 search.
So we can search eg. “Yellow pants” and I get results for items that cointain “yellow” into a field and “Pants” into another field. Not only items with “Yellow pants” into the same field. Please not to be confused “all words” with “any words” criteria.

2 – It mustn’t require joomla and sobi2 core file hack

3 – the ability to customize the css of the module and of the results

4 – results must contain Title of items and relative category or subcategory

We request real joomla/sobi2 expertise.

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