Pictures And Videos Of People Holding A

Customer request:

My client has a product and wants testimonials from caucasian people. Sell Men’s vitality cream + supplements (prefer from American)

– MALE 40+ and above
– Western People. Brown or Blonde or Grey hair only.

Client will give me the creams and capsules for free to do demo and testimonials. So I will mail it to you.

They will hold the cream or supplement box and smile. That’s it.. That’s the picture

For Video, They are gonna just share their experience (it has to be positive one) Mention their name and how it helps them. Sexually.. etc etc..

Would like to have 10-15 pictures / videos of people.
Holding a product smiling and showing “peace” sign.

We can also work on performance basis.
Per picture = $
Per video = $
Video + Picture = $$

Let me know

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