Seo Expert To Fix Not Found Links Indexed In


I have 563 links Not found on and I am looking for an SEO expert how is used to solve this kind of issues.

When I create a post, wordpress automatically generates post tags which is good, however some of the tags generated by wordpress points to “page not found” error 404. Sometimes those tags are 1 letter tag like &, ),+
I don’t know what is best practice to fix this but I still want to have wordpress auto-generate post tags for my posts. I am not after a plugin that clean tags, because I will have more page not found in

Also some of those missing links that points to page not found relates to my wordpress theme that has a “language feature”, however it is hidden and disabled, yet the report shows that some of the pages not found are from language translation feature from my theme.

Please PMB if you would like to see full report of page not found on my site before placing your bid.


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