Complete Turn Key Penny Auction

I would like to purchase a complete turn key penny auction built to these specs.


1. Ticker Auction
2. Sit ‘N’ Bid Auction
3. Reverse Auction
4. Reveal Auction
5. Locked Auction
6. Double Win Auctions
7. Bid Pack auction
8. 100%off auction
9. Fixed Price Auction
10. Lowest unique Auction
11. Auctions that start with specific promo code(coupon) only
****would like to be able attatch any amount of free bids to be given auction***


I would like my site to be able to handle a max load of 100000 users online at any time and to be SEO friendly. The site cannot be written in Cake PHP. Script also needs a fully functional CMS. Also an editor built into admin panel to control all static pages, newsletters, friend refferrals, etc. Would like double layered Msql to prevent bottlenecking.


1. Buy It Now
2. A Buy It Now Store
3. A ticker to show site news, recent winners, etc. Editable from admin panel
4. Chat box on every page users and unregistered user may see so users may chat amongst themselves. Admin needs to be able to block abusive users
5. Rewards program that can be set up in admin panel
6. Coupons
7. Built in Refund system
8. Google Checkout and paypal integrated
9. Full Shopping
10.Wishlist so users can save liked auctions
11. Facebook Connect
12. Twitter
13. Photo Upload for custom Avatar(approval by admin prior to showing)

1. I will need logo insertion as well. Also complete control over template design.
2. Be able to upload video Testimonials.
Please contact with me with any question reguarding this post.

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