Web-based Real Estate Solution

I want a website with script similar to that of buildium.com with all features plus a few additions.

Basically what I want is that brokers can use my web-based platform and out of many features like manage property inventory, their website and standard broker elements.

In short, I would need the following,
A) Super admin – where I can manage my site, my customers, billing, plans et al
B) Admin – For the customers who sign up for my service, use this module to manage everything we are offering like advanced WYSIWYG web page manager, listing manager etc.

You can visit buildium.com or propertyware.com to review what kind of features and functionality I am looking for.

I would appreciate if you could answer my queries below to take things forward.

1) Turn around time for this project?

2) If I hire you/your company for my project, I would need a dedicated one point of contact, like a project manager to interact with me on periodic basis as the project advances.

3) I will need you to sign a NDA before commencing.

4) I would require a detailed Plan of action report from you on how you would create this project for me, like milestones, timeline, modules etc. before starting.

5)Once completed, I do not want my project to be listed on your portfolio section. If desired, I would be more than willing to leave a testimonial.

6) Payment terms – As per the industry standard. I would want my payment to be based on pre-determined module-wise, as in I pay for every milestone you complete. If you require full payment, I would only do a escrow for this purpose, keeping both our interests safe.

7) What technology do you think we should use for this project. I was thinking PHP or RoR with MySQL. Let me know your views

Please reply to each of the above.

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