English Proofreading

I’m looking for a native proofreader /UK,US/ to work with me in July, while the person I’m currently working with is having a summer vacation.

I’m willing to pay up to 0,50$ for proofreading per article of 500-600 words. I prefer to pay over Paypal, but if needed I can pay via Scriptlance too.

Please place your bids for proofreading of 20 articles, 500-600 words each.

Normally there are 5-6 articles per day that need to be proofread. I would like the turn around time to be no longer than 24 hours, with 48 hours being the maximum.

There are very few /if any/ errors, so your job will be mostly to fix the flow ( for example choose to use another word than the word I used, change the sentence structure if needed and so on).

Before awarding the project I will ask you to proofread a short text (150-200 words) to test your skills. The text will be the same for every person who bids so I can compare and decide which style I like the best.

Happy bidding 🙂

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