Professionally Rewrite 500 Posts From A Iphone Blog

I need a tech minded best english writer who can rewrite 500 tutorials from an iphone blog in his own attractive english like presenting to blog readers.
I will give all the post links which you have to rewrite.
The rewritten article must not be shorter than the original article.(Atleast 20-30 words bigger,thats why i need a tech minded person)

Most of the articles are tutorials and will be about 500 words and others will be about 400 words.If you need example sites ask me in message.

No copy should be present inside the article.
I will check every article individually for correctness.

Immediate starting of project,Project deadline is about 25 days and you have to sent me the finished articles everyday.

Payment 1/4 upfront,1/4 half front and 2/4 after completion.

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