I Want You To Make Wp Sales Page With A Video

I want you to make a sales wp page with a video that the price will apear after a while.

this is my site

you should do the folloing:

create a wp opt-in page that starts aoutomaticlly and has goods conversion. including Video and Bullets. the video shoud’t be with any buttons at all, only mouse to stop and mouse to continue.
create a simmilar wp page but the video would be an Amazon s3 (cloud front ) movie ( now you sould make the player with no options.
create a wp sells page that the selling “buy now” button reveal after a wile.
he wp theme should be 900 Px clean withe.
please pay attnsion to the configuration of the Amazon cloudfront movie in to the page with only stop and continue option.
the them should be RTL theme


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