Script To Allow Users Up To 10 Downloads Per Month

I am creating a membership site that is being sold via clickbank (i.e. no payments will be taken by me).

paid users will be taken to the clickbank thankyou page where they will see a form (written by you) to establish a username and a pw. (off the shelf is ok!)

from there they will be able to go to ‘site’ where they will visually see all the audio files I offer. they can select up to 10 per calendar month (if its MUCH easier to do it very 30 days from date they purchased that is ok too).

they can select and download all in one day, or spread the downloads out over the 30 days or the remaining days of the month.

they should have assess to their info, i.e. to see what file names they downloaded each month, (user friendly names, ie NOT the Amazon S3 name which does not allow caps etc – but the name I associate with it), and know how many files they have downloaded that month.

Key thing is limiting to 10 downloads per month.

pls ask any questions.

can be WP or for straight html, you just need to be able to set it up on a page(s) for me.

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