Logo Design For Food Company

Budget $30

Design a high level, professional, clean logo for Sheba Foods.


Current logo ==> https://www.scriptlance.com/f/?130997048623167887

1. Deliver design in photoshop high resolution 1200 dpi on a TRANSPARENT background, with layers separated.

2. NO IMAGES – no food or other images.
:: Use the words Sheba Foods as the creative focus like the current logo sflogo.jpg that is attached.
:: ribbons can be used creatively…my include the taglines.

3. Colors are purple and gold, but you can add burnt orange or accent colors.

4. Two tag lines must show.
a. Royal Tastes with no Substitute.TM
b. Authentic Gourmet African Cuisine

5. See attached and list of rejected logos. Do not duplicate the mistake. They are examples of what NOT TO DO!

You are welcome to do a design sample for me to see. It will be a plus to award you the project.

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