Live Online Catalogue

I would like to have an live online catalogue. I will give you all the drawings. The user will be able to color these drawings and upload their own logo to these drawing and resize their logos. At last they will be able to email their drawing to us or save them to their computers. But there will be watermark of our company at each drawing.

This will be for a working uniforms company.

To Do’s:

This will be for a working uniform company.

1. Basically the user will be able to color the drawings that i have sent and upload their own logo to these drawings and resize their logos.
2. There will be watermark at each drawing with our logo on it.
3. And it will be something like, the user first choose for example, pants from the menu. There will be about 20 items, to choose from. (Jackets, aprons, tshirts, polo necks vs…)
4. After choosing pants, there will be different types of pockets that he/she will add to the pant from the menu. Then he/she can add different type of cargo pockets to the pant. Then other extras like, reflectors vs…
5.Then he/she will be able to color the pant and all the other parts. (Zippers, stitches, buttons, pockets, lines..)
6. Upload his/her logo, resize it, and put it the proper place at the pant.
7. Save the picture to own computer.
8. Admin will be able to add new drawings to each product that he will choose from. All these new drawings will need to be painted indivually if needed.
9. The stitches, buttons, zippers, also will be painted at different colour if needed.
10. We will be able to add text, arrows, lines, dotted lines to anywhere of the drawings at our desired colour.

This is all about it,


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