WordPress + Scriptlance

I have a wordpress site set up, as well as the theme already in place, but I need some customizations done to it.

I need to have it modified to function like scriptlance, but basically replace the programmer with elderly care facilities, and replace the buyer with families looking for a facility.

The users will fill out a form (already made) and submit that to the site along with their membership registration.

The communities will also have a form (already made) to submit their details, photos, video, etc.

Both will have a profile to edit/update on their own, and the system will automatically pick up on key elements in the form such as location, desired price, etc … and “match” them up … triggering emails to the communities that they have a user interested in their facility.

Along with automatic matching, the user will also be able to browse and search for communities as well.

Communities can then bid to compete for the user’s business (like lending tree).

There is a bit more to it than that, but Id like to get the nuts and bolts of the site up and running and then make adjustments and further modifications at that time.

Generic bids will be ignored, and I would like to hear your thoughts on how this will be achieved. What is your plan to make this happen?

Thank You.

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