WordPress Articles Needed

I need 20 quality articles written about tablet computers. 15 of the articles will be about certain tablet models (I will provide the name of the models the articles should be written about). 5 others articles should general in nature.

1. Each articles has to be minimum 700 words
2. Each articles must have miniumum 3 relevant pictures
3. Each article must have video from youtube (non water marked) to support the article. The video will be downloaded and used in the article.

Each article should be loaded onto the wordpress blog

I will also provide 3 relevant KEYWORDS per article which have to be used in the article.

All articles have to be genuine. (Please No spinning of other articles allowed)

This is for a brand new wordpress blog I am trying to get started. It was a forum before and now I am changing to become a blog.

I am looking for a reliable and quality writer. If this project is successful then I would be looking for continual articles.

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