Realtor & Construction Website

I need a unique Realtor and Construction Company Website. The Mean Menu would be: Home, About Us, Countries, How it Works, Process, Log-In, Contact (see the attached file for details).

The front page will have images of some buildings, and construction materials or tools to illustrate our services.

I want this site to be built using WordPress to allow me make simple images and editing changes to the site. WordPress is a very simple to develop web tool. A uniquely customized frontend will be preferable. I expect the site to be built in 3days with the following pages completed and going LIVE: Home, How it Works, and Contact. The other pages and functionalities can be done after the site goes LIVE in 3days.

Please sure me proof of work you have done. Upon taking this project, I will expect to see the first frontpage design in 24hrs.


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