Auto Submit Plug Script

Auto submit script for PREDATOR CMS and SMARTPLUGS and four additional sites. Sites using these CMS’s are primarily adult (NSFW sites).
I require a script that automatically submits plugs to sites using either Predator CMS or Smartplugs (version 1.3 and 2) and four additional sites. This script will automatically login (for Predator) and fill out usernames, passwords, titles, descriptions, and select categories all information. I would like to discuss how to add categories since they vary from site to site. Must include the ability to add multiple accounts for different submitting domains.
Requires a create plug section. create.jpg
Must have a pending plugs section to edit, schedule and delete plugs. pending.jpg
Must include a scheduling option as to the date and time plugs are submitted. Must be able to edit fields individually for each site as needed. submit.php
Must have a calendar to view. schedule.jpg
I will NOT provide my usernames and passwords for these sites. I will NOT provide a hosting account to test on; you must have the ability to test yourself. I will need to know what server requirements are needed before awarding the project.
I would like to add sites using these scripts as needed, but it absolutely MUST work with the following sites (NSFW).
List attached

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