Pligg Php Site Programming Fixes And Customization

Programmer will apply the following fixes and changes to my Pligg website:

1. Fix RSS Feed code to auto-populate and update website links after certain amounts of time. The code currently works sometimes, and when it breaks, the updates stop. The programmer will make the feed code update work ALL the time for ALL links.

2. I will provide programmer with about 1,300 RSS feed links in excel format. Programmer will categorize them to the site as shown in excel, add them to my site, and make sure ALL of the feeds work by fixing the programming in #1.

Note: The RSS links go to different types of feeds, like atom and Feedburner pages. It is the programmer’s responsibility to make ALL feeds update properly on my site.

Other easy changes:
1. Programmer will install new template on site (I will provide)
2. Programmer will install a newsticker on site (I will provide source)
3. Programmer will install facebook login on site (I will provide code)
4. Programmer will install additional integration for mobile phones (I will provide code, instructions)
5. Programmer will add check all/uncheck all buttons to one page.

The RSS programming fixes and time to add the links correctly is the major work. I will look to do business with a good programmer if this is accomplished.

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