Cheri And Ernest Jc

We would like to develop a web site on a MS IIs 7 2008 Standard platform with MS SQL 2008 R2 or Free BSD platform with MySQL. The website is extensive. We need applications to:
Connect to social media; Facebook, linked in, twitter.
Send text messages / Authenticate phone number via text messaging ( third party service provider is preferred.
Send emails. Authenticate email address
The site will need an administrative section. In this section we will need the ability to:
Add edit delete any table.
Add rotation using location and a method for static ads.
Extensive filters using items we added. We are not looking to create a new filter for each new item we add to the site. We add an item to the DB and a method of that item to dynamically appear as a choice.
Authenticated users can send emails / text to other users via the filters selected.
Standard user profile upload.
We will supply graphics, hosting environment.
There is much more and we have detailed requirements. You will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. United States based companies will be the only companies considered.

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