Ten (10) Comicbook Based Articles

I am looking for someone to write the following articles for me:

1/ Thor (the Dc character)

2/ Thors the Movie

3/ The Green Lantern (DC character)

4/ The Green Lantern (movie)

5/ Captain America (the Comic character)

6/ Cpt America the movie

7/ The Fantastic Four (the comic characters)

8/ The Fantastic Four (the movie)

9/ The X-Men (the comic characters)

10/ The X-Men (the Movies, including the new movie due for release)

<b>Further Information</b>

1/ I am willing to pay a good price for quality work, I am <B>NOT</B> necessarily looking for the cheapest bid.

2/ I am <b>NOT</b> looking for keyword stuff articles.

3/ I am looking for interesting and original articles, not just regurgitations of Wikipedia etc <all articles WILL be checked for duplication>. I am looking for someone who can write witty and entertaining articles in THEIR own voice.

4/ The movie articles should be written in the form of a review.

5/ The character bios should be written as a mix between the characters history and your views, thoughts and/or opinions on the character.

6/ This job would probably be best suited to a comic book fan, particular a DC and Marvel fan.

7/ Each of these articles should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of abt 1500.

8/ If you want me to take your bid seriously the choose <b>ONE</b> of the above articles and send me a short sample of how you would write it. If you <b>FAIL</b> to submit a sample I <b>WILL NOT</b> consider your bid, simply because if you cannot follow or understand these instructions then you are not of the calibre I’m looking for.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks and good luck.


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