Simple Iphone App – Personality Test

Hi I’m looking for a qualified, published, iPhone app developer. The app is reasonably small and relatively simple. (iphone and ipad)

The app will ask a series of 45 questions to establish 9 different personality types. The participant will have to answer 5 questions, on 9 pages. The app will calculate the answers and drop them on a page for that specific personality, and also email the results. (therefore there will be 9 different final landing pages and 9 different emails needing to be sent to the applicant).

My intention is to submit this to the Apple app store therefore made to their specifications and finished ready to submit.

Design elements are vital, and someone that have wicked design skills will be most suited to create this small but cool and groovy app.

I’d suggest having a look in the Apple app store for ideas for functionality and design with other personality apps etc.

Previous experience:
Please forward me examples of your work. You will need to have successfully built and published through the iphone app store.

Thanks and good luck.

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