Custom Web Calendar App 2

I have a client that needs to interface with their existing Google Apps user calendars to provide a calendar application to manage the workflow related to shipping selectable
“kits” to users. I have a current application that does part of the process, but we need to expand on the application.

Generally the flow goes as follows: (remember all users and calendars must use the Google Apps backend)
1. User logs into site with google name
2. User selects specific components and details for a “kit” to be shipped.
3. Warehouse receives notification of the request.
4. Warehouse packages and ships the kit.
5. User receives notification of shipment.
6. User receives shipment.

The warehouse must have a calendar that shows all open requests with different color coding based on the status of the order.

The warehouse and the user need to be able to edit the request at any point up to actual shipping and have the event reflect the new status as well as sending notifications to the parties.

There must be an audit trail for an admin user to be able to track.

It should use a common language in order to facilitate future development.

There are more details available, but in general, this is an accurate description.

The final product does not have to actually be within the google interface but it MUST update the appropriate google calendars.

The final product MUST be accessible from mobile devices (BB, iPhone, iPad, etc).

This is the second time this project has been listed, I apologize, we were not ready with all the application requirements previously.

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