Supply Anti-foam Agents

Defoaming agent, also called anti-foam agents, it will produce many harmful bubble in industrial production process and need to add defoaming agent.It is widely used in clear latex, textile sizing, food fermentation, biological medicine, the coating, the petroleum chemical industry, paper-making, industrial cleaning industries that occurring in the process of harmful bubble.
Long defoaming also called inhibitory bubble, the most important symbol of quality is the length of time defoaming of inhibitory bubble. Most cases we use defoaming agent exploits its suppression bubble performance, rather than the initial defoaming.
XPJ747 defoaming agent designed for food processing industries defoaming design, as well as the mainly export products of our company, export model for VSA747. This product adopts refined food-grade DOW CORNING company American emulsifier and micro-powder production, together with the food-grade defoaming quickly, suppression of bubble, durable, do not affect products palate characteristics. Widely used in bean products, dairy, pharmacy, dairy products, beverage, the sugar industry and soybean protein extraction, sauce, vinegar brewing, etc. This product contains no food preservatives.

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