Members Profile System

One of our customers has a website for a group of car enthusiasts. On this website they want a restricted page with a list of all the members (around 150) with a small picture. When clicking on that you see the profile page of this member with only 5 fields, the picture and a small description of this member.

We would like this to be made in PHP with MySQL and the following functionality:

Entry page
With only two fields: Accountname and password. These correct entered give access to the page which lists the members. The acoount names and passwords must be stored in a database that only the admin has access to.
Under this page there must me a sentense like “Forgott your password?” and when they click on that they go to a page where they can enter there accountname and then their password is mailed.

Members list
A list of the members shown in a table with a small picture of the member before it. The items link to the corresponding members profile page

Members profile page
Details of a member with the picture if him/her shown bigger, and the 5 entered fields and the small description field.

Edit member details
The member that is logged in can edit his own “profile”, that means:
– Picture (upload with format correction)
– 5 fields
– small description

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