Whmcs & Cpanel &resellerclub

I setup WHMCS and Cpanel server, and I am using Reseller Club for domain registrar.
And I make them integrated. When client order, account in the server is created automatically. But client cannot see their Cpanel FTP info in the control panel because WHMCS client side shows only billing part.

1) I want Cpanel features shown in the WHMCS Client side
2) And Client cannot see domain control panel in the WHMCS client side, too. (They should login resellerclub..) I want them to see domain control panel in the WHMCS client side…
3)And I want client buy SSL of Resellerclub in my website, and control panel in the WHMCS client side. I don’t know how it works…
4) I want to send FTP information in the notification when client order products.

I want to finish this projects as soon as possible.

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