Simple Animation Project…should Take Less Than An Hour.

OK, This will be a REALLY simple task.

Look at the jpg file I have attached. I need to have it animated.
The vertical bars are like hands on a clock and they need to spin, they also need to be red. The first one needs to rotate all they way around every 12 seconds or so, the second one ever 5 seconds or so and the third one ever 2 seconds or so. The horizontal lines that link them must be in gold. I need you to redraw this simple design. There must be a flash output that can be made any size and then an animated gif or something similar in a few different sizes….like 100 wide, 200 wide, 300 wide and 400 wide, with the proper height for each. The background should be transparent, or white. It would be nice to have different files with each background.

I usually do large complex projects on here, this is just something I am doing for a friend.

I need to leave right after I post this but I will select someone in about 8 hours.

I will pay when it is done, I will ignore all requests that ask for payment up front, or escrow.

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