Php5 Guru For Skadate Script

This job is PREFERABLY for designers and programmers who have worked on skadate dating script before. If you have, please send me proof (a link to the skadate site you did) and I will verify your work. If you have no experience in skadate, please MAKE SURR YOU CAN DO THE JOB BEFORE YOU BID on this project. I don’t want to waste my time. I WILL ONLY RESPOND TO BIDDERS WHO CAN SHOW PROOF OF A PREVIOUS SKADATE WORK COMPLETED.

Please go to and take a look at the demo script.

You will also see several free templates at I need my own templates. I need someone to design three COMPLETE TEMPLATES. Skadate script comes with the template files in one folder. That being said, when you are done with the work, I will upload your completed template to the templates folder and make it the active template. If you need the complete files for the existing templates at skadate, I can send you a copy after I select you for the job. You can simply modify the existing templates provided by skadate to create UNIQUE TEMPLATE for my site.

I also have other possible programming jobs for this site (adding features and other functionalities). Depending on how you do on this project, I can give you that job too.


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