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I need someone to set up the Commission Junction and LinkShare API’s for my site locate at:
This script is already set to upload the datafeed throught the
feeds folder. You will need to set up the proper API for Commission
Junction and Linkshare. You will probably need to set up a cronjob
so the the feeds are updated daily.

NOTE: I’m an affiliate of Commission Junction and Link
Share, so the shopping site will be populated with products
using their API’s. I will give you access to my Commission
Junction and Link Share accounts to get the API’s and
documentation when you are ready for them.. Below are the
details of the project:

1) Set the global header and footer. Please use the
header.php and footer.php files. The header and footer
should appear on all pages including the aboutus.php
and the privacy2.php pages.

NOTE: The search box should appear at the top of each page.
When a visitor types in a keyword and clicks search, he
should be taken to a product listing page showing products
relating to that keyword. The API’s from Commission
Junction and Link Share will help you with this.

The search box background should be the same background as
the header background. Also, the search box should Not have
any borders. It should blend into the header. The search box
should be exactly like the one currently on my site. Except
the background of the search box input field should be gray
and the search button should be yellow with the word
“Search” in black lettering.

2) Please Remove ALL content from the page and
replace it with the content from

On the main page you will see the following tables:

– Hot Product
– Sales & Discount
– Free Shipping

Commission Junction allows you to get products based on the
above 3 categories through their API. Each table should
rotate 3 products. When the script selects these products,
it should select those products with the highest product
rating. Please have the products rotate each time the page
is loaded.

NOTE: From this point on, you will be working with the page

Below is how it should be set up and how everything should


– Currently, the script will not allow me to enter subcategories. In the admin panel, please set it up so that I can enter subcategories. To see an example go to: scroll down to the bottom and click on “Demon Admin Panel” log in and click on “Categories” You will see the Main categories. To add subcategories, simply click on a Main
Category. And to add a subcategory to a subcategory, just click on a subcategory.

Once you have done this and I have added the Main category “Appliances” and it subcategories,
I should be able to go to the index.php page, click on the “Appliances” link in the left hand menu and I should see the subcategories for “Appliances”. I should see the following four subcategory titles: Appliance Accessories, Home Appliances, Kitchen
Appliances and Seasonal. The font size should be 2, bold
and underlined. All subcategory titles should be this way.

Now just below each subcategory title, I should see the
subcategories for these titles. These subcategories font
size should be 2 and there should only be one subcategory
per line. Also, for the category listings, put them in
a table like the one found on the index page entitled “Hot
Selling Products”.

Underneath the subcategory title Appliance Accessories,
when I click on the subcategory “air conditioner accessories” for example I should be taken to the product listing page. The API’s should populate this page with products matching the keyword “air
conditioner accessories”.

NOTE: I should also be able click on the subcategory title
“Appliance Accessories” and I should see all of the
subcategories for this title. When I click on one of
those subcategories, I should be taken the Product Listing
page as well.

To see how the categories should look on the front end, go to:
scroll down to the bottom and click on “Demo Front End”.

This is how the Product Listing page should be set up. To
see an example, go to:
scroll down to the “Browse Departments” table and click on
the “Air Conditioner Accessories” link. You are now on the
Product Listing page. This is how the Product Listing page
should look like.

The “Refine Your Results” sections should be to the left
of the product listings except for the product listing
price comparison page mentioned below. You will need to
check each category to see what needs to go in the “Refine
Your Results” sections as some sections are different. You
can disregard the banner above the “Refine Your Results”

Also, don’t forget to add the “Sort By” box at the top of
all product listing pages. You can disregard the “View
As” and “Add Tax & Shipping” boxes.

NOTE: If a product on the product listing page is sold by
more than one store, then the following link should be
displayed underneath the product description: “Compare
prices from other stores”. Please scroll down the page and
you will see one of these links. There is just about one on
every product listing page. When a shopper clicks on this
link, he should be taken to a product listing comparison
page that shows all the stores that sell that EXACT item.

NOTE: On the product listing COMPARISON page, the
selections in the “Sort By” box should be:

– Relevance
– Store
– Store Rating
– Price

Also on this page you will need to add “Show only”: a
checkbox to the left of “free shipping” and “coupons”.
Disregard the “add tax & shipping for zip code” box. You
will also need to add the “Update” button. See the product listing comparison page to see what I’m
talking about.

Also, on the product listing page and product listing
comparison page, to the right of the product description,
there should be the store logo. The logos should be 110 x
28. If the logo is not available, then the name of the
store should be displayed instead. NOTE: On the product
listing Comparison page that shows the price comparisons for
the stores that sell the same exact item, you do not have
to put the “Refine Your Results” section on this page.

For the Product listing page, please use a table like the
one found on the index.html page entitled: “Hot Selling

I look forward to working with you.



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