Small Change To Javascript Menu

I am using a javascript that displays a menu when the cursor is hovering over a link. You can see the javascript at :

I need one change. I want to change the position of the menu that appears. Currently the menu appears next to the current position of your mouse cursor. I want the menu to appear directly below the link, please see the following page for an example of the menu position I want :

Notice in the above example, the menu appears directly below the link, and if the link is an image then it appears directly below the image. This is exactly what I need to be changed so that the first script has that same menu position. Also notice that in both scripts it detects if the menu is going off the screen to the right then it should move left automatically.

Please note that nothing else in the first script should be changed, it should continue to work in the same way except with the menu position changed to be like the second script example.

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