Sppc Conflicts With Specials In Osc

I have SPPC installed in my heavily modified osCommerce store.
After SPPC was installed I noticed an error that apears sometimes when I have one or several products as specials.
The error message does not allways apear, I would guess it apears 1 or 2 per every 100 page views.

This is how the error message looks like:
1062 – Duplicate entry ‘487’ for key 1

insert into specials_retail_prices select s.products_id, s.specials_new_products_price, s.status, s.customers_group_id from specials s where s.customers_group_id = ‘0’


The page is blank with the abowe message.

The item with product ID 487 is listed in spesials in admin, but has run out of date, so its inactivated.
Im not sure if the error only appears for inactivated specials or not.

I need a fix for this. Let me know if you need any more information.

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