Woot.com Clone (one Deal A Deal)

Looking for a woot.com or onesaleaday.com clone.
The clone should be identical to woot.com in terms of layout and look. I am not looking for all the features woot has available but most of them.

Admin panel:
– Allow to add an item that will post automatically for a selected date at 12:01am time.
– Allow to add pictures of items
– Allow to add item details (name, cost, option1 (drop down menu), details, smaller description, buy now button, etc.)
– Allow for payment by paypal
– Automatic confirmation to customer who bought item

Customer Panel:
– Allow registration to purchase
– Customer panel to display purchase history
– Customer profile information (name, email, etc.)

On Website:
– Show archive of older products for each day
– link to a blog or community site
– contact us page
– Login button for customers
– Register now button for customers

Budget is small, but can increase everything is done correctly.

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