Clean/split Csv – Script Or App – Very Easy

This should be very straight forward for the right programmer.. Need this script(php) or app in the next couple of hours. So only bid if you can complete straight away..

$10 is available for this project, should only take 20 minutes in php.

Heres what it needs to do….

take a csv, split into multiple files, one line per file. I will be using different types of csv, each has a different number of columns, but they are all in comma seperated format, with the keyword in the first column.

filename will be the keyword (first column) minus all non alphanumerical charceters, and remove spaces..

need to output another 2 column csv that will contain the following

column 1 – the keyword, clean all non alphanumeric out, clean double spaces etc.. then replace spaces with fullstops.

sony dvd r-4’s

would become


column 2 – will be the filename

Hope thats clear? Post on PMB if you need more details..

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