Ms Access To Mysql Searchpage

Convert a Microsoft Access database consisting of 24 queries and 14 tables into MYSQL (or similar web-friendly, secure database) that can handle up to 30 simultaneous users. Some of these Access queries may be combined for efficiency. Once finished, upload the database to my website (now empty) and create a single webpage that can be used to enter a search parameter. Multiple queries can then be executed on that search parameter resulting in multiple datasets. The output from the search will also be in webpage format (text only). A mini format (mobile) version of this website also needs to be created so it will look appealing to iphone, droid and blackberry users. The main website will need a page created where users can pay (paypal, visa, mastercard, etc.) to create their account to add their record into the database. The users would then receive an email confirming their purchase/sign-up and user-id/password. The user should also then be able to securely edit or delete his record and account. I also need to have a procedure to extract text only data from 5 pre-specified websites and upload it into the database.

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