Create Mysql Db & Php Create Xml Pages W/ On Off Event Gif

Have project that requires creation of mysql db and code php to export data as a simple xml feed – rss
title description link and place the xml within a directory

event called by state and county title description and link and goes to correct county feed directory where the county page picks it up using SimplePie and county page displays the event info and event link and has rss gif link back to the xml feed directory page as rss feed. All currently working but no db to xml feed in directory or automation.

need admin page for buyer to input data

Most page html structure created and buyer can duplicate programming code to lessen programming work

EVENT type project – event post(s) displays as xml updates with any additional events and events delete as they expire. All this reflected on front end county page

currently using SimplePie (rss reader) on front end county page.

USA STATE page has image map and county text links, php code to turn on and off calendar png as events appear and expire, calendar png to show beside county text link, viewer can see if event is on a county page.

Lays out like this
state Directories
hold county Directories
has cache, css, feed, inc Directories and index.php

automated xml feed will go to feed directory and update and delete events expire. Would like to see default xml feed that ask for viewers to submit event posts by email need php coding to turn on and off calender png to suggest an event is happening on that county page as event expires calendar png expires. if Default xml created it would not affect the display of calendar png.

xml output is typical
gen,lang,pubDate,title,description,link followed by item title, description, link but would like point or bullet to lead each front end event item on county page.

Thank you

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