Updates In Current Iphone Application – Experts Only Apply

I need to make an app somewhat similar to one of my other apps Prank Me!.


However it will be a few tweaks.

1. It will not have all the characters.

2. It will just have a scrolling list of rows that play audio. Each row will have an image and text line.

3. There will be two ways to make this audio play.
3a. based on GPS location, once the user reaches a certain area, it will automatically play the audio selected.
3b. after a certain time interval selected by the user

4. The app will need to be able to run in the background due to the above #3 items.

5. The 3a. request will need for the user to select the area via map, address, or location. I have an app that already does this, all you will need to do is copy the code and implement it into this new app.

6. The 3b. request will need to let the user select a time that the audio will playback. Again I already have an app that does this as well, you will just need to copy the code and implement it into this new app.

7. The user can select the 1 audio to play, multiple audios to play, or random audios to play.

I will award the project today itself . Lowest Quote and good experience has a better chance to be awarded.

Project budget 100 USD. Do not bid if you can not work under this budget.

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